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How to Calibrate your GorillaMaker 3d Printer

You will need the slick sheet of paper that came in your toolkit. It’s approximately the same thickness of a sheet of paper.

  • Pre-heat your 3d printer to 220 degrees C.
  • Tap More -> Calibrate
  • Slide your paper between the nozzle and bed. You should feel some resistance. 
    • If it doesn't slide or doesn't fit between the nozzle and the bed, tap the DOWN ARROW until the paper slides in (tap it once, then retest, repeat as necessary).
    • If the paper slides too freely, tap the UP ARROW (tap it once, then retest, repeat as necessary).
  • Once you have the nozzle calibrated
    • Tap Back (Home)
    • Tap Pre-heat
    • Tap Close (off)

You are now ready to print. 


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