MatterControl Software

A slicing program is required to use the GM3D Printers. We recommend MatterControl.

Download files are attached to this article (bottom of article).

After you have downloaded the zip files, Right Click and Extract all files. Double click on MatterControlSetup.exe for Windows OR MatterControlSetup.pkg for Mac to install the program.


After MatterControl has been installed, Double Click the MC icon located on your desktop.

Make sure you have downloaded the file attached to FAQ article:
Unzip the files and save them to a folder for ease of access.

Close Setup Wizard

To Add your printer:

  • Click File
  • Import Printer
  • Locate the folder you unzipped the 3d Printer Files
  • Select the appropriate printer file:
    • GorillaMaker GM3D200.printer
    • GorillaMaker GM3D250.printer
    • GorillaMaker GM3D500.printer
    • GorillaMaker GM3D505 R2.printer
  • Click Open

Select Printers and Select your newly imported 3d printer.

*** USE GorillaMaker GM3D505 R2.printer for the newest version of the GM3D505 (if you are unsure which Rev you have, contact us)


***MatterControl Settings have been updated 05/09/2019

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